Your Season of Change

I live on a hill and this is the view from my back yard. I can see the creek down the hill on my property and the hill on the other side. This view is amazing in winter. The picture above is from when spring starts to begin. The other day I started thinking that as spring arrives the view of the creek and hill fade as the leaves grow. I really enjoyed seeing the water, and most of all the hill on the other side. I thought about how I didn’t like to see that view go.

I also started to think: Although my view of the water and hill fade, the trees and bushes become green and the butterflies come out. The butterflies love these bushes as the bushes become filled with honeysuckles. They also love the paradise trees above those bushes. My toddler and I enjoy watching the butterflies fly. We love to see all the different types and colors of butterflies.

In relation to the change of the view, sometimes things we enjoyed from past seasons are replaced with new. Sometimes we mourn over change, but that does not mean we shouldn’t celebrate the new. The joy from the new can outweigh the sadness from losing the old. We may mourn or feel stressed from change but God is still great! In Isaiah 43:19 God says behold I do a new thing! Let’s focus on what is wonderful about the new things! When we change our focus the sadness and stress may fade away. As you follow instructions from the Holy Spirit expect wonderful new things in your life!

If you would like the Holy Spirit to guide you then you must be saved. If you are not saved or you need more guidance from the Holy Spirit please say this prayer: Father God I believe you sent your son Jesus to die for my sins so I can be forgiven. I accept you Jesus and the Holy Spirit to guide and change me, so I may glorify you and be saved. Thank you Lord because I can expect great new things on this journey with you!

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