The Jezebel Spirit PT. 1

We can all exhibit traits of narcissism. However, there is a difference between having narcissistic tendencies and having narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Some people with NPD may have several traits or only the ones required to be diagnosed with the disorder. I don’t like to use labels but for brevity sometimes I will be labeling people with NPD as narcissists. I believe this disorder is influenced by or can open the door to the Jezebel spirit. I believe this spirit can operate through a man but it is called Jezebel because it inhabited a woman in the Bible. As it shows in the Bible Jezebel was responsible for much devastation and destruction (1 Kings 18:4).

In part one of this subject I will be discussing the nature of the Jezebel spirit and the destruction it causes. Part two will include the causes of NPD and will address solutions to the problem. I don’t want this topic to seem negative and depressing to anyone. I want people to see the good in exposing the devil. I believe we have to expose the devil before we can get rid of him. This way we can see positive change in our lives.

Please think of this subject as a way to help people including ourselves and narcissists. I believe the study of this topic can be helpful to businesses and churches as well. I will be mixing an explanation of NPD that includes both the natural and supernatural. Scripture shows us there is a Jezebel spirit. Jesus advised the church of Thyatira not to tolerate Jezebel (Revelation 2:18-29). Jezebel died before Jesus was born on earth, therefore I believe he is talking about the spirit of Jezebel.

I don’t believe a person can behave in such an evil way as a person with this disorder does without the devil involved. As the Bible mentions “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12).

I believe God wants this topic addressed. The Bible says people will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, and abusive (2 Timothy 3:2). This is what we are seeing with the spirit of Jezebel. This disorder or spirit can operate through family, friendship, business, political, and church dynamics. Often times this spirit likes to operate through leaders. As we can see in the Bible Jezebel was a leader as she was a queen and represented the religion of paganism (1 Kings 16:31).

Jezebel was successful at killing many of God’s prophets (1 Kings 18:4). Getting rid of the prophets provided her with gratification. She even went so far as to kill Naboth the prophet so that her husband Ahab could have Naboth’s vineyard (1 Kings 21:9). This spirit likes to operate through people who the spirit believes may have the power to destroy God’s prophets or people who operate in the prophetic.

Cunning, Manipulative, and Controlling

Many people with the Jezebel spirit crave success. To a narcissist success is whatever will gain them popularity and admiration to feed their alter ego. In relation to church, politics, or business, they often go after the position they think will bring them the most success.

Sometimes rather than allowing God to call them according to their gifts, they call themselves according to what they believe will bring them their idea of success. These are the people you see bragging about their success rather than letting God promote them. To be able to obtain their idea of success they need power.

People with this spirit are hungry for power and control. Initially they may get it through deceiving people with their charm. The person with narcissism usually acts as though they are caring and will flatter people to gain acceptance.

Some people with narcissism may act as though they have many things in common with people. They work hard to gain the trust of the other person or people. Once they gain that trust the person then opens up to them. People need to be careful about what they tell a person with narcissism. Some narcissists may attack the victim with the personal information they received. What is hurtful is that the things people tell the narcissist are often very personal. Narcissists don’t always have much remorse because sometimes they lack empathy.

Some narcissists will act as though they idolize someone before they ultimately break that person down. This can occur in cycles. The victim may become confused because the narcissist may be overly kind one minute and vicious the next. But it is the fake kindness that gets the codependent to feel addicted. They get a high when they are flattered and made to feel special by the narcissist. This causes them to continue to admire the narcissist even though they were abused by them.

Another way a person with narcissism manipulates is by trying to get people to believe the narcissist is dependable. Some people with narcissism will exhaust themselves trying to help people. They may even go as far as to make someone believe they need their help. Sometimes the help a narcissist offers is not help at all, because sometimes it’s often advice that will harm the other person in some way. Sometimes the narcissist’s advice may keep a person in bondage or in submission to the their control. The spirit of Jezebel wants to control the person so that it can prevent that person from fulfilling God’s plans for their life.

I have received advice from narcissists many times that could have kept God’s plans from occurring in my life. Thank God I have the Holy Spirit to guide me with discernment. We must not be paranoid and assume that if someone acts helpful, dependable, or kind that they are a narcissist as these are all good characteristics. It goes much deeper than that as people with narcissism like to lie, deceive, intimidate, and abuse.

Another manipulative tactic of a narcissist is when they operate under the influence of a religious spirit. This spirit loves to dominate and control church members with rules and regulations. I’m not talking about using righteous judgment to keep the church out of sin or the need to attend leadership meetings. The demands placed upon members from the narcissist or narcissists may not even be based on Biblical rules. They may also demand people participate in certain programs, groups, parties, or fads that people can’t or don’t want to be involved in. People who don’t give in to the narcissist’s intimidation or demands are often ostracized. Perhaps Jezebel’s husband king Ahab felt this way. He had a spirit of fear and gave in to Jezebel’s demands to the point to where he worshiped her God (1 Kings 16:31).

If the narcissist can’t control someone they might cause them to hide out. Jezebel threatened Elijah and in result he ran away and hid from her (1 Kings 19:3). I wrote in my post In Our Wilderness about how I have been hiding out the past few years. Perhaps the Jezebel spirit influenced me to hide out. I have hid from much drama in my life which I believe the Jezebel spirit influenced.

Fear and Insecurity

Some people with the Jezebel spirit may act very confident, all the while hiding behind a mask. They usually hide their real self because their real self is fragile and insecure. It seems to me as though they hate themselves. They often project their disappointment in themselves onto other people. This happens especially if they see someone they believe may be or become more successful than them.

To the narcissist life is a big competition and game. They may seem like they are winning the competition and have it all together. But this is not true because the narcissist will eventually break down. The narcissistic person behind the mask will lash out in anger or play victim with the slightest confrontation or criticism.

At times people with narcissism will act very dramatic and defensive. They will often throw tantrums if they believe they are being criticized. I have seen them act this way even without criticism from people. No matter what people do narcissists will always revert back to childish ways. They may even whine to get their way. Narcissists will also try to turn the blame around on the person or target they think is attacking them.

Narcissists cry to their family or friends about what they think or want people to think their target did to them. Sometimes this cry for help is a form of gossip or slander used as a weapon to try to take the target down. The people that appease the narcissist usually don’t ask the target for their side of the story. This dichotomy makes the targeted person appear guilty, which leaves the narcissist appearing innocent.

People influenced by the Jezebel spirit try to put people down and destroy them if they see them as a threat. In the Bible it says Jezebel wanted to kill Elijah after he had prophets of Baal executed (1 Kings 19:2). He was the biggest threat to Jezebel, as he was the most prominent prophet who did the most damage to her religion. Today I believe the religion of some narcissists may be the things of this world. If they see someone as a threat to their worldly success they are ready to take them out. They often get other people to do their dirty work so that they don’t have to take the blame.

Prideful, Arrogant, and Jealous

People with the Jezebel spirit are full of pride. They think highly of their alter ego and want other people to as well. Often times you will see how they hold their head up high. Sometimes they take credit for what other people do. In a political, business, or church setting they may cause people to believe they need them as their leader. They often say they are great leaders when what they often do is bring the party, business, or church down. Maybe this is one reason why some companies and churches don’t succeed in their goals.

How can narcissists be effective leaders if they won’t allow themselves to follow the Holy Spirit’s instructions? Some of them are so focused on themselves to the point to where they are blind to God’s plans. It’s as though a veil is over their eyes. Their selfishness won’t allow what is best for the company or church because they think in terms of their success. By allowing their selfishness to take over they often hinder their own success.

The narcissist admires their alter ego and want to be the center of attention. In a church setting they want to gain glory for themselves rather than for God. They will often gain that glory by any means, even if they have to control people in an abusive way. If the narcissist fears someone will take their authority or position they will try to get rid of them.

One example of this scenario in the Bible is the story of King Saul and David. King Saul is a great example of a narcissist. I believe Saul may have been influenced by the Jezebel spirit. Saul feared the loss of leadership because through his pride he craved admiration and validation. Saul kept sending David into battles he thought David would lose, but instead David gained victory (1 Samuel 18:25-26). When Saul heard people admiring David for his success in those battles it infuriated him (1 Samuel 18:7). David was a target because he injured Saul’s pride.

Ultimate Goal of Destruction

The ultimate goal of the devil is to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10). The spirit of Jezebel is the devil’s servant. That spirit is responsible for tearing apart relationships. In a church setting not only does this spirit want to tear apart relationships but it also wants to shut up or get rid of the prophets and destroy the church. Honestly, this scenario can relate to politics and business as well, provided that prophets or people operating through God’s plans are involved.

Without the prophetic the church will cease to exist as it is a crucial part of the body of Christ. The body of Christ are also involved in business and political arenas as God appoints prophets in many areas of our society. Jesus wants to reach the lost and he can do nothing unless his plans are revealed through his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7). Without prophetic leaders there are no miracles. In relation to the church the Jezebel spirit may cause church members and visitors to turn away. If there is little to no glory to or from God visitors will turn away and the lost will be less likely to be reached.

One reason why people turn away is church drama. People go to church to get help and to escape drama. They do not need to be exposed to drama created by the Jezebel spirit through narcissists. They also don’t want to see people act as though they are being super spiritual in a fake way. They need to see and receive real love to help them change their lives. The Jezebel scenario not only applies to services within a church building but also in many areas of our lives, including personal relationships, politics, and business.

There is nothing new under the sun here. All throughout the Bible we see the Jezebel spirit operate to try to destroy God’s plans. I believe the Pharisees were under this spirit’s influence as well. Even though they thought Jesus gave in he was actually standing his ground, because his goal was to die for our sins. Good thing Jesus didn’t give in. The body of Christ does not have to either.

I want to also say that I am not trying to condemn anyone with narcissism or NPD. I believe it is a mental disorder that can open the door to allow access to the devil. This spirit operates through the people we love and many of us have been hurt deeply by our loved ones influenced by this spirit. Many of us have been influenced by this spirit as well. I believe sometimes the people who become narcissists have a great calling on their lives, which is one reason why the devil wants to take them out. The Jezebel spirit wants to also ruin the life of the person they inhabit.

In part two of this post I will explain how people with narcissm or the Jezebel spirit are the ultimate victims if they do not repent or get delivered. The ultimate enemy is the devil as we wrestle not against flesh (Ephesians 6:12). We need to hate the devil rather than hate the person. As part two of this post will address; it is time to take action to bind this spirit. We also need to gain healing and restoration.

2 thoughts on “The Jezebel Spirit PT. 1

  1. Very insightful and opened my mind to how this spirit could be operating in mine and some of my family’s lives. Is there a foolproof way to rebuke the spirit and keep them away from us and our family and friends? Some questions came to my mind like could this be a reason for our country being so divided with so much hatred and pitting one side against the other? Color against color, party against party, and feelings being hurt all over the United States. I started praying immediately after reading your blog and look forward to part 2.


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