We The People

This blog post was not easy to write. I wanted to avoid it but God wants me to be bold and go all in. I don’t know if this blog will lead to anything good but the devil sure has been fighting me against it. Here recently prophets have been telling me to keep writing, but I keep feeling fear. I keep feeling like I want to quit or that there is no point to writing. But if God can help one person through my posts it is worth it.

The devil’s Attack on God’s People and Plans

I believe the devil puts fearful thoughts in my head. One thought was “who do you think you are?” Or “you can’t write about these topics. You don’t know enough about politics.” Well I know enough to know that God wants his word followed in every area of our lives. Besides devil, I am a child of God! I don’t know everything and I will not always be right, but for God I will try my best. No one is stopping me from being bold for Christ! I am a teacher of the word of God, which includes empowering the body of Christ to fulfill God’s plans.

I recently discovered that I am a teacher. About a month ago, after I published one of my first blog posts, I had a dream I was looking down at notes on top of an opened book. In this dream God told me that I am a teacher. I am assuming he was not saying I need to go back to school to become an academic teacher of some kind, or at least I hope not. I want to be done with school for a little while. Also this dream was right after I started my blog, so I think I am some sort of a teacher relating to the word of God. I better study the word more now that God has labeled me. I guess this blog isn’t for nothing because I am learning more about the word through my posts.

In relation to not knowing much, the devil has been telling me I might look crazy if I write this post. It is alright because I have already been called crazy with some of my comments on social media. I posted a comment a while back which included a prayer on social media about the wall, and several liberals attacked me by calling me an idiot and crazy. Other people were attacked as well. Republicans or conservatives seem to get called terrible things very often. Its seems like many people on the left cannot argue with civility. Some of them have so much hatred and evil in their hearts.

I believe some of the people on the democratic side are narcissists, which is a topic I wrote about in my blog posts called The Jezebel Spirit PT 1 and PT 2. I wrote about how the Jezebel spirit is manipulative, cunning, controlling, and abusive. Jesus said this spirit can also cause sexual immorality (Revelation 2:20). Maybe Jezebel influences politics, particularly on the left. There are some narcissistic republicans as well though. Don’t get me wrong. But you usually don’t see so much hatred from people on the right. Maybe it is because God’s children are more conservative.

I know not all democrats are hateful narcissists but for the people who act hateful I pray that God gets rid of their demons and saves them. I think as adults we should be able to debate with civility and peace. It is evil to abuse people for their religious or political beliefs. Don’t worry people of God because “Blessed are you when people hate you and when they exclude you and revile you and spurn your name as evil, on account of the Son of Man!” (Luke 6:22).

Some people who attack act as though a conservative has a mental illness, especially if that conservative is a Christian. I have a masters degree in psychology so I have learned about symptoms of mental illness. Mental illnesses harm people. Christianity does not. It seems like the devil is attacking God’s people by having other people call them crazy. If anything the devil is crazy.

Religion and mental illness should be kept separate. No one should be labelled as mentally ill for their religious beliefs, especially if their beliefs do not break the law or harm anyone. The devil just wants to scare God’s people. But we cannot be afraid because perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18). We have to believe that God loves us enough to protect us and take care of everything in our lives, because he loves us perfectly.

Stepping Out for God

Please don’t believe or listen to the devil. Step out into what God has for you with no fear! That spirit of fear infiltrates the body of Christ. We are too afraid to talk about angels or demons even though the Bible clearly tells us they exist. Think about it: God is more of a supernatural being than the devil. God created the devil. So why are we afraid to expose the devil? Because he does not want to be exposed. The body of Christ needs to be bold with the spirit of Elijah rather than weak with a spirit of fear. Sure we will get persecuted as we drink from the cup but we will also be rewarded on earth and Heaven.

Body of Christ we have to kick the spirit of fear out so we can advance the kingdom of God. For we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of love and of power and of a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7). I believe at times we need to speak up more about political issues. God is involved in political issues so should they always be separated from the church? God wants to influence every part of our lives. Now I am not saying we have to endorse a certain candidate, but we should be able to speak up about issues relating to the Bible.

Some of the laws overseen by political leaders relate to moral or Biblical issues. We can clearly see how the Johnson amendment prevented freedom of speech within the church. Since this amendment passed many pastors have been afraid to address biblical issues for correction. Revelation 21:8 says “But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.” Out of love we need to help keep people from committing these sins. I believe part of showing God’s love is teaching people how to obey his word.

We cannot be cowards about these issues. As you can see in Revelation 21:8 being a coward is something God despises. Jesus said we must repent and turn from these sins. Maybe if someone dies while knowingly commiting one of these sins they will go to hell. I am not the judge so I am not sure. I do think it depends upon the circumstance. I know it’s not worth the risk. We can repent and be forgiven. I am not trying to beat anyone up about these sins. We should hate the sin and love the person. If we truelly love the person we will try to help them stay out of sin.

When I was living in sin I didn’t like to hear words of correction from pastors at first, but I am so glad now because their messages helped me get out of sin. My life is much better now because I left those sins behind. These pastors loved people enough to let them know the truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the light (John 14:6). We cannot leave the truth out.

The Johnson amendment probably prevented a lot of people from hearing the truth. It was highly prized by democrats because the devil largely influences decisions of the democratic party. I’m not saying all democrats are evil or that all republicans are saints, but lately the democratic party has increasingly let satan have their ear, especially on issues such as abortion, assisted suicide, and gun control. Compared to the democratic party, the republican party represents Christian biblical values.

The Transition

I consider myself a conservative or Republican. I really don’t like to label myself because I am really just a woman after God’s heart. As I mentioned I didn’t used to want to obey the Lord. I used to enjoy sin and didn’t want to stop. I made many excuses to keep sinning and didn’t have enough faith to stop. While I was in sin during my undergrad years I was indoctrinated to lean towards the left. In a political class in college we learned that people tend to vote in relation to their best self interest. I thought that being liberal was in my best self interest because I thought it would bring positive change. I didn’t get much if any positive change from being a democrat. And that is sad because I voted for Obama.

But joking aside I was exited we had the first black president. While that was a great accomplishment, he did not focus on making biblical choices. We need to not hate though. We need to pray for Obama and all democrats. Jesus said to love and pray for our enemies (Matthew 5:44). I guess in a way I used to be one of them. I love to see people turn to Jesus so who knows maybe Obama will.

In result of unfortunate circumstances including poverty, I decided to go all in with God. I started turning away from intentional sins and revelation followed. One day I was watching the news on one of those liberal news channels. Then God told me in my spirit to turn the tv station. I turned the channel and there was Glenn Beck. People like to persecute him because they don’t hold the same beliefs but they fail to recognize the truth he brought to that channel. I appreciate the fact that Glenn brought me some truth. I noticed how this news channel didn’t indoctrinate me to be democrat, as most of the other stations did. Thank you Lord for waking me up!

Make America Great Again

I’m not sure if Glenn Beck and Donald Trump are friends now, but I did see Glenn Beck wear the MAGA hat. I don’t know if Donald Trump really believes in MAGA because he celebrated gay pride month on social media. I don’t know maybe it was a tactic to get voted in, but it was still sin. While America is a prominent nation there is still a lot of sin in it. I may not agree with everything our president does but I know he will take more of a moral stance than any democratic candidate. He signed that executive order to end the Johnson Amendment so it seems like he stands up for the rights of the body of Christ. Overall His choices are more biblical than the choices of the democrats. Biblical in the sense that his choices line up more with the instruction of the word of God.

I don’t consider myself a die hard Republican, but I choose what is closer to my values. I don’t understand why there are two dominant parties but that’s the way it is. Maybe it is because Jesus said “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.”(Matthew 10:34). Maybe in a sense it is a dividing line between good and evil. If that is the case I really hope the president goes all in with God.

We need to choose what is most biblical for the advancement of our nation and other nations as well. We see in comments of people from other countries that they are grateful our president was elected. Also Donald Trump must be doing something good for God if witches try to attack him. Of course he also gets attacked by the devil from the left. They cannot stop him if he follows God. If God is for him who can be against him?

Donald Trump is doing something good for our country by working to Make America Great Again in certain ways, so why would people be so mad? The devil. The president is advancing our economy with new jobs and he is passionate about fighting against sex trafficking. I don’t think all of his choices are biblical, but I am hoping they will be.

It seems as though Donald Trump is protecting the very people who protect us: Our military and veterans. Now again, I do not agree with all of his decisions. I do not think all of them are 100% biblical. However, the republican party as a whole stands up more for Christian beliefs than democrats. The devil is mad and many democrats are furious, but God wins! I hope Donald Trump will keep faith and believes he will win, unless of course a more God fearing candidate comes along. Regardless, God is getting ready to show off through his people! The devil does not like it but with God the body of Christ will win! We win because no matter who gets voted in we get an eternity with Christ!

If you want to win say this prayer: Father God thank you that you are so good you sent your son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins. Thank you Jesus for being my savior so that my sins can be forgiven. I confess that you came to earth and died for my sins and rose again on the third day. Holy spirit please help me turn away from sin, because I know that with your guidance my life will be better so that I can help others. I am so glad that with you Lord I win!

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  1. I read the entire article. Too good to miss a point. You outlined it so well that even though I don’t live in America, I still understand. God bless you for standing up for what you believe in

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