Faith: All Things are Possible!

This is actually a few days late because I was afraid to post it but God says we shouldn’t fear man and I rebuke the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus! I will warn anyone reading this that you may think it is crazy, but that is ok. It may be a little interesting to you anyway. I am going to write a more “normal” post next week, or at least I think so. I am a little scared to admit this but I feel the fire of God writing this post! Maybe I will discuss that more in another blog post but I must admit I’m a little scared too. When I first felt this “fire” or heat I felt it in my hands and upper back area. I just call it fire of God.

I do not claim to be a prophet so a lot of this supernatural stuff from God is new and kind of scary to me. On a less scary note, I want to share a little about my background. I obtained a masters of science in psychology so that I could become an applied behavior analyst (ABA) pertaining to children with autism. I finished all but one class in an ABA program to become certified. I went through all of those years of school but I never became an ABA therapist because I couldn’t get a job that supplied my supervised hours. Maybe God prevented it because a few times I was told I had the job only to never be contacted again. That is another story for another day though. I believe my education has helped me in many other ways though. In addition to the education, I worked for a little while doing ABA with children who had autism.

I have a nephew with autism which happens to be a little on the severe side of the spectrum. He is so near to my heart. I use to watch him as a child often and I kind of miss that time I had with him. I had a dream about this nephew about a week ago. In this dream I was praying for him and right before my eyes the look upon his eyes changed. They were more “serious” looking and he looked at me as though his autism wasn’t as severe. I don’t remember what all was said but we had a brief conversation. It was something like talking about the past. I am not sure if this dream is prophetic or if I was getting a glimpse of what he will be like in Heaven, but it was awesome. After having that dream I have been praying even more for him. Yesterday I heard that he was doing a lot better. I also heard he is starting to have more conversations. This all leads to what happened this morning at four am.

This morning at four am I decided to look at videos of people with autism being healed. I didn’t find much but I felt the presence of God and knew God was about to show up. In my spirit I heard the words pineal gland. I was just talking to my mother the day before about how God can heal our brains. I wrote in The Jezebel Spirit PT. 2 how God can cure narcissism by healing the brain.

After having the dream about my nephew I asked God if it is possible for a person with autism to be healed. I said “God you can’t do that can you?” Then immediately I remembered the scripture in Matthew 19:26 which includes “with God all things are possible.” I know I get off topic a little or switch back and forth so please bear with me. I usually get back to my original topic. Anyway at about 4:20 in the morning I thought, “the pineal gland has to do with hormones. Do you mean parietal lobe?” Then I believe in my spirit God said no, pineal gland. So I decided to pray for my nephew’s pineal gland.

After praying I looked up whether there could be any relation between the pineal gland and autism and I found an article on how the pineal gland regulates melatonin. This article explains how there may be a malfunction to something relating to the pineal gland which regulates melatonin (Nesher, N. and Shomrat, T., 2019). Well I need to go back and read that article a little more when I get time because that was a bad paraphrase. I may correct this post a little after I read it thoroughly if I get time.

Speaking of time I may even have less in the future because I might practice guitar soon. I have never learned how to play good and I don’t think I ever will play good but I figure I could just strum some chords while I sing on YouTube in the future, maybe. Just last night I had a dream of playing it. I actually had fun in the dream so I need to get ahold of an acoustic guitar soon so I can pick it back up, maybe. Anyway, I put the link to the article on the relation between the pineal gland and autism below this post so you can go read it if you’d like. I think that we all need to pray for children and adults with autism to be healed. Maybe we should pray for God to heal their pineal glands and to get more research, prevention, and treatment out there.

My nephew is a young adult now so that kind of contributed to my intial doubt about the possibility of God improving his autism. Then I thought my nephew has learned and knows much more than we think or know. He was integrated in school so I suppose he has probably learned what other kids have learned. He knows how to read and he seems to have a lot of knowledge about things most of us wouldn’t even know. He just has a problem with communicating the knowledge back to us. I really need to stop being such a skeptic because God does not always use logic anyways.

Sorry this is so disorganized, but to get back to my early morning prayer about the pineal gland, after I was done praying, I saw 4:44 on my phone. I think it has something to do with God communicating with me through numbers and I think it means messiah in Jewish Gematria or something like that but I am honestly not sure. I see 222, 333, and 444 very often or I should say every day more than once. Yesterday on my phone I saw 222 then 333 then 555 while I was working on uploading my YouTube video. Let me tell you uploading that video or I should say audio was scary because I was very nervous because it does not sound too good. I had to use the mic on my laptop and so I had had to try to speak loud and that made me sound a little mean. I was nervous just reading it so my speech problems were amplified. I just read an old blog post for my YouTube channel. It’s just a picture with my voice but I do not like to hear my recorded voice. Oh well it will get better.

God has been telling me this week that when we first start something it may not seem so great until later, which may be included in my next blog post. Maybe what I am doing can turn into something great, or at least it will probably get better. I am sorry to get off topic again, but back to the number thing. I was a little scared of seeing these number sequences but it’s not on purpose. I try to ignore it just like I do with the fire of God. I also rebuke it but it still happens and not only does it happen but it gets stronger or more prevalent and I feel God’s presence with it. Like I said I may need to do a future blog post on this stuff but please pray for me because all this is scary to me. I do not claim to be a prophet. I am just a person who seeks the Lord. As my relationship increases so do the weird experiences. I really hope people start talking more about their experiences.

To conclude this disorganized post I think the major point here is that we need to have faith and not be afraid too. I think that if God points something out to us we need to pray about it. I think we need to be more open about our experiences whether we know they are 100% from God or not. I am a practical person who tends to be more pessimistic at times so I often doubt if something is from God. But then I am like what the heck God is fun. I am going to have an openness and childlike faith and have fun.

Perhaps it would be fun to have that childlike faith and expect God to do the miraculous. Jesus said we need to be more like children (Matthew 18:3), which I believe could mean we should be more open to the things of God. Maybe we should stop pushing God away and pay attention to what He is doing. I am not exactly sure about the fire of God, seeing repeating numbers, or the autism healing thing but there seems to be some revelation from God in it.

I don’t think this stuff is from the devil because I love the Lord and He knows my heart. I am going to still pray for discernment though so I am not deceived. I did not ask to see the repeating numbers or to feel the “fire of God” or whatever it is. Some people I talked to said they felt the “fire” as I was talking about it so I know it’s not made up in my head or hot flushes. If it turns out to be the devil I will write a blog post on it. I don’t see how the fire thing can be the devil if I ask God about it and I feel at peace. John the Baptist did say Jesus would baptize us with fire and the disciples in the upper room had tongues of fire come upon them. I will probably go back and forth about this in my mind for a while.

Even if God wasn’t telling me to pray for my nephew’s pineal gland I don’t see why it would hurt. It wouldn’t hurt for us to pray for healing for anyone. By the stripes of Jesus we are healed, right? We are told in society there is no hope for certain things or that God cannot communicate in certain ways but with God all things are possible. I usually put a different scripture in the picture on my posts than in my titles but I thought I needed to repeat it twice in big letters to get the point across that with God all things are possible!

Updated View on the Relation of the Pineal Gland to Autism Spectrum Disorders

8 thoughts on “Faith: All Things are Possible!

  1. Amen! I really enjoyed reading your testimony. WordPress is a great platform for people to share their experiences of God. Unfortunately I cannot help you with the meaning of the numbers, but I will pray for you. (As you asked in the first paragraph: no, I do not think you are crazy.)

    It’s interesting to hear about the pineal gland, as I too know people with autism. And your right, we should pay for them too. In my prayers, I always make a point of praying for all those afflicted original sin (i.e. the entire human race), but this does feel less ‘special’ than praying for a specific individual or group.

    Thank you for sharing this. God bless you.

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  2. Although you may not have fully understood what all was happening as God was showing you various things, but God does. My nephew has down syndrome. He once talked but around his teen years he slowly stopped talking. He understands us but no longer communicates. He was in mainstream schools for a while too. He learned to read and write. I believe that God can reverse things and let those things flow out of him again. Praying for that specific hormonal gland truly could have been from God as hormones play apart in all of this. I immediately stopped reading your blog and prayed for my nephews gland by faith. I’m expecting to see or hear about some change. God made them (us) and knows all about it and he can heal and make it so. They may still carry the label but they don’t have to have all of the major symptoms. God can slow those down and make them so they are not noticeable. I believe by faith with you. Be blessed!

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    1. I am praying for your nephew. Thank you for sharing your experience and God bless you and your family.


  3. Peggy, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. We are his children and wants to speak to us. Prayer involves not just talking but listening to him. The boy, Samuel, slept in the Tabernacle right next to the Ark of the Covenant where the presence of God was. He loved God and the presence of God. Samuel heard a voice and thought it was Eli the priest. Finally, Eli told him to say, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” At that time, people were not used to hearing from God. 1 Samuel 3 tells the whole story. Throughout the Bible, God spoke to many people. He does not change and does the same today. Most people will hear impressions or thoughts. He loves to relate to us as little children and gives us things to cause us to pursue him more. He is always speaking to all of us, but so often we do not listen.
    Jesus took all our diseases on the cross and the Bible says, by his stripes we have been healed. We have to listen and follow the leading of Holy Spirit. The pineal gland and praying for your nephews healing may be the way he is healed. Jesus said those who believed in him would do greater things than he did. Jesus brought the dead back to life and healed all who came to him for healing. Nothing is impossible with God.
    Numbers in sequence is a way that God is getting your attention. He wants you to seek him and ask him what it means. All Christian believers hear the voice of God. Jesus said in John 10:27, “My sheep listen to my voice,; I know them, and they follow me.” All Christians are not prophets, but all hear his voice and know him. The original Old Testament was written in Hebrew. The letters are not only letters but also numbers and pictures. For instance, two is a picture of a house in the Hebrew language and means division, and many other things depending on the context.
    I see 111 or 1111 many times a day. For me this means Deuteronomy 1:11 about the 1000 fold blessing. I thank God for this blessing, each time I see it.
    God never turns away when you ask him questions. He may you show you some things to cause you to pursue him with greater intensity. Enjoy the journey!

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  4. I appreciate your honesty Peggy. It takes courage to have faith, real faith that is. When we step out in faith it is in trust of a Savior that we don’t know fully. It is the act of faith, stepping out, and seeing His provision where we begin to ‘know’ Him and what He is like. This is not a mental knowing but a knowing of the heart. There is a critical difference between the two.

    What caught my eye was this line “Jesus said we need to be more like children (Matthew 18:3), which I believe could mean we should be more open to the things of God.” That is very true. As the Amplified version puts it being child-like means to be lowly, loving, trusting and forgiving. These are all traits I hear in your blog.

    God will heal your nephew I am sure. Maybe not the way you think but He will heal Him. Remember that when God creates He is always perfect. As thoughtless mankind, however, we tend to think that someone with autism, or some other ‘defect’ is somehow ‘imperfect’. They are not. Ever. Your nephew is a blessing to you and those around him simply because he exists and God loves him. Don’t ever forget that. Let God lead and I am sure everything will work out. He is good and everything the Father does is good.

    Blessings on you Peggy. You are loved by Jesus and precious.
    Homer Les

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