Many of us are seeking guidance, instruction, clarity, and answers, for which we need to be closer to God to receive. We can be closer to God when we deny our flesh. I really believe now is a great time for many of us to fast as the Holy Spirit guides us to fast. People who need our help are depending upon us to walk into our purpose.

Dear God in Jesus name, please guide your people on whether you want us to fast, and if you do, please let us when to fast, what to fast from, and how long we should fast from it. For those of us who fast please give us the strength to do so. We love you and Praise you Jesus!

As the last song I shared said “draw me close to you, I lay it all down again, and your all I want.” This is true for us. We want you and all you have for us. We want to walk into your plans for your purpose and for your glory! Praise you Lord God almighty! We are glad you are our father.

If you decide to fast from food I highly advise you to seek the advice from a medical professional first.

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