Step into the New: Clear the Clutter

Isaiah 43: 18-19

“Do not remember the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing…”

I remember watching those hoarding shows on TV. People collected so many things they could barely walk through their house. I liked seeing how much different their house looked after it was cleaned up. The house looked much bigger after the clutter was gone.

Well if we think about it sometimes we have to clear the clutter in our minds and lives to see the bigger picture that God wants us to see. The clutter of doubt, worry, shame, and fear can rob us from entering an open door.

God can open doors, but it’s up to us to clear the clutter hindering us from walking through the door. Sometimes my kids have toys all over the floor to where we can’t safely walk through the door if we don’t move the toys.

Do you have clutter in front of your door? Are thoughts of doubt, worry, shame, or fear keeping you from making the next move? Or are you too distracted to even realize it?

I wrote in Wisdom for Breakthrough: Friendship how God puts certain friends or divine connections in our lives who can help us step into our purpose or calling. Sometimes God wants us to partner with people we push aside. Maybe sometimes we focus on so many little and unimportant things which keep us from partnering with those people. These connections or friends may be able to help us clear our clutter and step into that new season.

I guess some of us need guidance and need to know or ask whether there is clutter: Father God in Jesus name if there is anything too distracting or negative in our minds and lives please help us remove it. Help us see the bigger picture of what you want to do in our lives. We want to step into all you have for us with confidence. We love, praise, and thank you Lord God Almighty!

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