Dreams: Still Waters

I had a dream last night that I was walking through what looked like a shallow part of a river or creek. I saw some goldfish and they were just going about their business. I may have been a little fearful just because they were there but they didn’t harm me. I felt a little fearful about what else might have been lurking in the water. It was strange though because I also felt joy. It was a beautiful river and I was happy to walk through it even though I had some fear.

Maybe the fish represent people. The goldfish didn’t scare me much. Maybe the fear of something else being in the water means the unknown. I may be a little afraid of the unknown, but with the Lord I will walk through the water with joy! He will lead me beside still waters (Psalm 23:2). I don’t believe this dream was just for me. I believe God is preparing his bride to display His glory. I believe that as we change our hearts and minds to be more in line with Christ, He will take us to the place of still living water, where we can walk through the fear and experience the abundant harvest.

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